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10 Things to Have on your Baby’s Changing Table

A well-stocked, nicely organised changing station for your baby is essential. The last thing you need is for your baby to be lying there with their bum in the air, only to realise you’ve gone and forgotten something!  Our changing table is set up in our bedroom on top of an existing chest of drawers, so keeping things to a minimum while ensuring everything is within reach is critical!

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Here’s what I have on my baby’s changing table:

Changing Mat

You’ll want a comfy spot to place your baby while changing them, and I can’t recommend this plush changing mat from Bambizi enough. It’s so luxurious with a little pillow, a super soft (removable) cover which is easy to throw in the washing machine, and I really like the fact that it has deep ridges around the side. They also have extra covers available to purchase.

Storage Basket

A decent sized basket to keep all of your bits and bobs together is an absolute must. Both Pottery Barn and Zara Home do lovely storage baskets which are a good size and are pretty stylish too! I use this pomp pom basket from Pottery Barn in a size small.


Of course you’ll need a good stash of diapers that are within easy reach. We use Pampers Premium Protection which work great as they’re not only brilliant quality & really absorbent, but they have a yellow line on the front which turns blue once wet making it easy to spot when a nappy change is required.

Water Wipes

My baby is almost 4 months old and has literally never had a proper nappy rash. I put this down to a combo of good quality nappies and Water Wipes. Made up of 99.9% water with a drop of fruit extract, they say they are ‘The Worlds Purest Baby Wipes’. They don’t stock these here in Qatar unfortunately, but I love them so much that I always order online and get friends & family to bring a stash over in their suitcase whenever they come to visit! Brilliant for cleaning little bottoms, faces, hands etc.

Nappy Sacks

I never thought I’d get excited about a nappy sack, but oh my god, the ones from Mothercare are divine! They’re really strongly scented which I like for obvious reasons, super durable and bigger than any other nappy sack I’ve used before. Just do me a favour and pick up a pack next time you’re in store and I’ll let you decide! I could literally smell these things all day long (which is probably a good thing because I pretty much do.. lol)


As I mentioned, thankfully my baby has never actually had a proper nappy rash, however if I ever do see a little bit of redness appear, I just whack on a bit of Sudocrem and it literally disappears by the next nappy change! Magic.

Hair Brush, Cotton Buds, Nail Clippers etc.

I like to kill multiple birds with one stone, so when my baby is on the changing table, I tend to get all of the necessities out of the way such as hair brushing (she actually has no hair but I still brush it every day, lol), ear cleaning with safety buds etc. I usually wait until she’s asleep in her bouncer to cut her nails, but sometimes you need to do some quick hang-nail tidying up. Plus having a little nail clippers on hand is great for removing tags on new clothes, loose threads etc!


My baby sometimes spits up a little when lying on the changing table, especially of she’s just had a feed, so having a muslin on hand is definitely a necessity. I also like to lie her on top of one when changing her to avoid any accidents if things get a bit ‘messy’, which they often do! And let’s be honest, you can never have too many muslins hanging around!

Hand Sanitiser

If your baby is anything like mine, sometimes they can get a bit irate having their bum changed. Which means once you’ve picked them up after the ‘ordeal’, putting them back down to go wash your hands might not be practical/ possible at that very moment. I always lash on some hand sanitiser after a nappy change to cover me until I have an opportunity to wash my hands just in case it’s not right away.

Easy Access to Baby’s Basics

I have all of my baby’s ‘basic’s’ such as vests, socks, mittens, bibs, PJs, muslins etc, stored in drawers directly underneath the changing area. While it’s not practical for me to keep all of her clothes within easy reach of the changing station, it makes it so much easier (and safer) to have the things I use regularly right there.


Lastly, I try to do an audit of my changing station every night before bed and ensure its fully restocked for the next day. You don’t need to be running around in the middle of the night looking for a packet of wipes, am I right?!

What are your changing table essentials? Pop them in the comment box below! x

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