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Mama-To-Be Gift Guide

1. Pretty Robe / 2. Ugg Slippers / 3. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray / 4. Le Diaper Pouch / 5. Maternity PJs / 6. Pregnancy Milestone Cards / 7. 9 Months- The Beginning of You Book / 8. Frida Baby ‘Fridet’ Momwasher /  9. The Bee & The Fox Tee / 10. Mommy Bag11. Burts Bees Belly Butter / 12. Gownie & Matching Pillow Case

Struggling to decide what to get that gorgeous mama-to-be in your life as the festive season fast approaches? Below is a compilation of all my favourite preggo mama gifts, many of which were either gifted to me, I gifted to someone else, or that I gifted to myself 🙂 (I gifted myself a lot of things while I was pregnant okay?!). Of course every mama-to-be loves to receive things for their little one, but it’s also nice to receive something just for you too.

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  1. Pretty Robe

Chances are she’ll live in easy-to-access robes for the first few weeks of baby’s life, so having something beautiful and comfy to throw on in the morning will be much appreciated. Dark colours are great to disguise any baby vom and whatever other bodily fluids she might be covered in!

  1. Ugg slippers

Is there ever an occasion where a pair of Ugg slippers are not a suitable gift? I think not. Her unrecognisable tired and swollen, feet and ankles will thank you. These are quite literally the gift that keeps on giving as she will have them for many years to come. I’ve had mine forever and like a fine wine, they just keep getting better with age.

  1. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Any mama-to-be knows that sleep can become a thing of the past as you waddle towards the finish line. And any mama knows just how important it is to get plenty of shut eye in advance of the much anticipated new arrival- before sleep really does (temporarily) become a thing of the past! This pillow spray is proven to aid sleep, is completely natural and is suitable during pregnancy. I received this as a gift myself and absolutely love it.

  1. Le Diaper Pouch

I talk about this little pouch a lot and that’s because it’s amazing. It’s the perfect size to keep all of your baby and mama bits and bobs together in your bigger diaper bag. Perfect for grabbing on the go, plus it’s beautiful and such amazing quality, so what’s not to love?

  1. Maternity PJs

There comes a point in every mama’s pregnancy where pre-preggo PJs just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Bonus points if you find a pair like these ones that can also be worn for skin-to-skin/ nursing after baba arrives.

  1. Pregnancy Milestone Cards

These are such a nice idea for your mama-to-be to photo-document her pregnancy. These cards celebrate weekly bump-dates and other key pregnancy milestones. If anything, they’ll prompt her to stop and take those photos which she’ll really appreciate in months and years to come.

  1. 9 Months- The Beginning of You Book

Much like a ‘baby book’ for pregnancy, I just love the idea of jotting down all of those precious pregnancy moments together in one place. This book is so beautiful and would make such a gorgeous gift that the happy couple (and little one) can look back on for many years to come.

  1. Frida Baby ‘Fridet’ MomWasher

Depending on how well you know your mama-to-be, you might want to opt for a more ‘practical’ gift. This little gadget makes taking care of that post-delivery vajayjay easier and cleaner. As it says on the packaging “Trust Us, Your Vagina Will Thank You”. Sold.

  1. The Bee & The Fox Tee

What mama to be wouldn’t love a shirt that lets the world know she is Super Mom, a Mama Bear or perhaps reminds everyone to Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman (I mean she is growing a human being after all, it doesn’t get much more powerful than that!)

  1. Mommy Bag

THE perfect hospital bag! There’s a matching ‘Daddy Bag’ available too if you want to go all out. Available in lots of different colours- off white with a gold stripe (my personal fave), navy, black, grey, pink etc. Great for the hospital as well as being a fun overnight bag for weekends away or as a roomy cabin bag when travelling abroad with baba in tow.

  1. Burts Bees Belly Butter

Chances are she’s been busy slathering on all the lotions and potions trying to avoid those pesky stretch marks. And while you might manage to avoid stretch marks your entire pregnancy, sometimes they can suddenly pop up out of nowhere after baba arrives, who knew?! This belly butter is brilliant for rubbing into your postpartum tum, and smells di-vine!

  1. Gownie & Matching Pillow Case

This will make for pretty pictures either in the hospital or when mama and babe get home.

  1. Prenatal massage

Last but not least, for the mama-to-be who has everything, give the gift of massage! In fact, go one step further by making the appointment for her and ensuring she turns up to it. If she has other kiddos, then offer to babysit. Chances are, she’s so nackered she doesn’t even realise just how much she needs this special treat, but trust me when I say she will never forget that floating on a cloud feeling and you will quite literally be the bestest friend in the whole wide world!

What were your favourite gifts as a mama-to-be? Pop them in the comment box below x

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