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My Favourite Online Baby Bow Boutiques

So I have this thing with baby bows. I just love how they ‘complete’ an outfit and I literally must have more than 20 of the damn things!  Thankfully baby girl is very cooperative and keeps them on her head for me (most of the time!) Long may it last! For those of you who love a good bow as much as I do, I’ve compiled a list of my fave online baby bow boutiques below. You’re welcome! 🙂 Disclaimer: this blog post may contain affiliate ...
Baby + Child, Style

New Baby Gift Guide

I feel like every other week someone I know is having a new baby, so I figured it was high time I put together a newborn gift guide in case you’re also experiencing somewhat of a ‘baby boom’ and need some inspiration! I always figure that the couple will receive tons of clothes from other well-wishers, so I generally steer away from that, plus babies grow out of clothes so damn fast. You can’t go wrong with something personalised, or unique ...