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10 Things to Have on your Baby’s Changing Table

A well-stocked, nicely organised changing station for your baby is essential. The last thing you need is for your baby to be lying there with their bum in the air, only to realise you’ve gone and forgotten something!  Our changing table is set up in our bedroom on top of an existing chest of drawers, so keeping things to a minimum while ensuring everything is within reach is critical! Disclaimer: this blog post may contain affiliate links. ...
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My Favourite Online Baby Bow Boutiques

So I have this thing with baby bows. I just love how they ‘complete’ an outfit and I literally must have more than 20 of the damn things!  Thankfully baby girl is very cooperative and keeps them on her head for me (most of the time!) Long may it last! For those of you who love a good bow as much as I do, I’ve compiled a list of my fave online baby bow boutiques below. You’re welcome! 🙂 Disclaimer: this blog post may contain affiliate ...
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6 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Considering how much I love to shop, I really impressed myself with how few maternity clothes I bought when I was pregnant. The thoughts of buying things that were only going to last me a few months really made me stop and think, what’s the point? (I’m not normally this sensible just FYI..!) I managed to get through my entire pregnancy by buying just a few key items and styling them up in various ways to make them look and feel different. ...
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Tips & Tricks to Help your Baby Sleep Through the Night

My baby has been sleeping through the night since she was 7 weeks old. I know! Trust me, I can’t believe it either. It was my number one fear when I was pregnant that I may never sleep again once the baby was born (seriously!). While I’m convinced that she’s just naturally a ‘good sleeper’ (like her Mama), I do think there are some things that we do (and use) that help tremendously. I’m no sleep training expert, but below are the things that ...
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12 Breastfeeding & Pumping Essentials

Before I had my baby I intended to exclusively breastfeed. If that didn’t work, I would just formula feed, simple. What I didn’t think about at all, was expressing/ pumping. And what I definitely didn’t think about was doing a combo of all 3- breast, expressing and formula. My current routine involves the occasional boob feed throughout the day, expressing all other feeds into bottles and one bottle of formula before bed. Below is a recap of ...